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literature search service

We offer a literature search service to our registered members. Our professional librarians will search for information on your behalf to help you find articles and resources to support research, service development and patient care queries.

Simply fill out our Literature Search Request Form below and our librarians will be in touch.

If you are studying and need help with a search for academic coursework, contact the library via email to request a guided literature search session with one of our librarians.

literature search request form

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Your results will normally be emailed to you within 5-10 working days, unless required more urgently.


In completing the literature search request form, the enquirer acknowledges that the library cannot be help responsible for the information provided from the sources searched nor for the consequences of any subsequent action taken by the enquirer


what our users say

The literature helped us to form a clear audit proposal & then design of an audit tool. The aim will be that services are used as efficiently & effectively as possible to support people wishing to access services

NSFT Nurse

I'm in the process of developing my teaching materials from the literature search outcomes. having had the literature search done by the library staff has gone a long way in making me be on track and will be able to complete the work to timelines. I'm also very grateful to the librarians for the quality of the literature found through this literature search.

NSFT Nurse

Having an up to date review of research maintains a high quality of evidence based practice that I have disseminated to my colleagues and based teaching on. Gaining a better understanding of the medication we use on a daily basis improves patient care, reduces risks and means they have access to the most suitable treatment in a more timely fashion.

NSFT Nurse