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new books

  • Quality Improvement in Healthcare
    by Maria Kordowicz

    This book introduces quality improvement for anyone studying or working in healthcare. Written in clear, straightforward language, it explores quality improvement from multiple perspectives and outlines a range models and toolkits you can use in practice. Encouraging you to reflect on your role as an improver, the book equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to work through each stage of the improvement process – from troubleshooting an issue, to working with others to make an improvement, through to its evaluation.

  • Therapeutic Work for Children With Complex Trauma
    by Nicole Vliegen

    The book provides a contemporary and comprehensive approach to working with traumatised children by integrating knowledge and skills from traditional psychodynamic child psychotherapy and more contemporary trauma-informed and mentalization-based frameworks. It advocates three tracks of work, involving direct work with the child, work with the child’s primary caregivers and work with the network.

  • Clinical judgement and decision making in nursing
    by Mooi Standing

    Clinical judgement and decision making are terms that are frequently used in nursing. But what do they mean and how can they be effectively applied in practice? In straightforward language, this book helps you to develop the necessary skills to make and apply sound clinical decisions. It breaks down the factors involved in decision making and shows you how to use evidence, critical enquiry and reflection to do so with confidence.

  • Brief Psychosocial Intervention for Adolescents: Keep it Simple; Do it Well
    by Ian Goodyear and Raphael Kelvin

    The highest incidence for clinical depressions is during adolescence. Furthermore, mental health illnesses that recur over the life-course begin in young people. 70% of all mental health emerge before thirty years of age. Almost all interventions for young people have been first developed for and targeted at adults. Here for the first time is a talking therapy (BPI), that has been developed for, and with, adolescents. After thirty years of clinical experience with mentally ill adolescents and two major randomised controlled trials of treatment, the authors reveal a brief psychosocial intervention that is as effective as CBT for adolescents with depression with and without comorbid anxiety and conduct disorder. BPI can be taught to mental health practitioners in sixteen hours and they can immediately start delivery of care. After a six-month supervision, new BPI practitioners offer an evidence based and NICE approved treatment in their usual clinical practice.

  • Education and training in dementia care : a person-centred approach
    by Claire Surr, Isabelle Latham, Sarah Jane Smith

    Education and Training in Dementia Care: A Person-Centred Approach is an accessible text aimed at all levels of prior experience, from those studying and working in health and social care services and private and third sector organisations who are responsible for the training and development of their staff, to commissioners of training or those who wish to take advice to inform their practice.

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