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new books

  • Demystifying integrated care : a handbook for practice
    by Kirsty Marshall

    This new book aims to equip students and practitioners to take the lead in this new model of care delivery. It will help them understand the key principles of integrated care and then apply these to the design, implementation and practice of integrated care in their own work. Written by academics and operational healthcare leaders, this book is ideal for final year students of nursing, allied health and social care, postgraduates, and all nursing and allied health professionals who will be required to work within the UK’s new integrated care systems.

  • Eating disorders: the basics
    by Elizabeth McNaught

    Eating disorders affect people from all backgrounds, and often go untreated for years. This book offers an accessible and evidence-based overview. Chapters explore some of the most common risk factors that can predispose, precipitate, and perpetuate an eating disorder, as well as understanding the typical way they are diagnosed and treated. Interwoven with real life stories, and written by authors with diverse experiences, they provide the tools necessary to understand eating disorders better. Topics include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, treatment, diversity in eating disorders, and how to support someone living through these conditions. A glossary of useful key terms is included, along with chapter summaries and up-to-date research. This book is essential for all health care professionals and students, as well as those suffering with an eating disorder and their families and friends.

  • Succeeding and adult dyslexia : personal perspectives, practical ideas, and theoretical directions
    by Carol leather

    Based on current theory and practice, this book discusses the relationship between adult dyslexia and success. Personal stories from dyslexia adults provide a basis on which the reader can relate to challenges and solutions, and a range of strategies are presented to enable people with dyslexia to become successful.

  • How to be a successful nursing student
    by Natalie Elliott

    The New Notes on Nursing series presents key topics in a highly accessible way, without making assumptions about your existing knowledge. Concise volumes cover critical and emerging areas, including cultural competence, digital professionalism, politics and activism, clinical placements and more. The aim is to make content engaging and easy to absorb, focussing just on what is essential for success on your course. Using a relaxed writing style and an all-new design, these unique books provide personal guidance from experts and students alike.

  • Cognitive-behavioral strategies in crisis intervention
    by edited by Frank M. Dattilio, Daniel I. Shapiro, D. Scott Greenaway

    The most comprehensive guide to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with clients in crisis is now in a significantly revised fourth edition with 75% new material. Over 15 years of clinical and research advances are reflected in fully updated chapters on evidence-based brief strategies for helping people cope in highly stressful situations. From leading experts, the book addresses suicide prevention, crises related to mental and physical health problems, child and family crises, and exposure to disasters and mass or community violence. Vivid, all-new case material illustrates what the interventions look like in action and how to tailor them to individual clients' needs.

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