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new books

  • by Sheri L Turrell

    In this much-needed guide, a clinical psychologist and a social worker provide a flexible, ten-week protocol based in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to help adolescents overcome mental health hurdles and thrive. If you're a clinician working with adolescents, you understand the challenges this population faces. But sometimes it can be difficult to establish connection in therapy. To help,ACT for Adolescents offers the first effective professional protocol for facilitating ACT with adolescents in individual therapy, along with modifications for a group setting. In this book, you'll find invaluable strategies for connecting meaningfully with your client in session, while at the same time arriving quickly and safely to the clinical issues your client is facing. You'll also find an overview of the core processes of ACT so you can introduce mindfulness into each session and help your client choose values-based action. Using the protocol outlined in this book, you'll be able to help your client overcome a number of mental health challenges from depression and anxiety to eating disorders and trauma.

  • by Paul Deslandes

    Rapid Medicines Management for Healthcare Professionals is an accessible, easy-to-use reference guide to safe and effective use of medicines in clinical practice. Introducing readers to the key principles of pharmacology and medicines management, this book addresses the essential elements encountered in healthcare practice. Clear, concise chapters explain the principles of clinical pharmacology, examine the formulation, administration, and monitoring of medicines, outline the characteristics of common drugs, and explore practical considerations such as vaccinations and evidence-based medicine. Blank templates allow readers to create customised drug information sheets, whilst a glossary enables easy access to explanations of key pharmacological concepts and terminology. Offers quick reference to essential pharmacological knowledge. Covers both pharmacological theory and real-world applications of managing medicines. Includes practical information on commonly prescribed drugs. Complements standard reference sources such as the British National Formulary (BNF).

  • by Mike Slade

    The Camberwell Assessment of Need (CAN) has been the key measure for assessing the health and social needs of people with mental health problems for two decades. Aimed at mental health workers or researchers, it is suitable for clinical use in both community-based and hospital-based mental health services. Updated chapters bring guidance into line with modern social contexts, for example questions regarding 'Child Care' now focus on 'Dependents', reflecting changes relating to an ageing population. An extensive training programme and list of frequently asked questions are informed by the authors' decades of experience in using this essential resource. Containing four versions of the CAN (CANSAS, CANSAS-P, CAN-C, CAN-R) for use in different situations, systematic guidance for how to complete the assessments is also included in the book.

  • by Dawn Morley

    Many recent high-profile reports have emphasised the need for improvements and innovations in practice-based education for nursing and midwifery students in the UK to ensure safe care delivery. Adressing the new NMC standards of proficiency for pre-registration nursing, this book presents five significant areas of practice learning for student nurses and midwives in their pre-registration education and provides a guiding resource for practitioners at a time of significant change in the ethos and structure of practice learning. Each chapter provides a short case study and helpful learning points to assist readers in the application of the themes to their own practice. This concise and accessible book will act as a key stimulus for reflection on the changes in practice learning environments and will provide invaluable guidance on the new roles of Practice Supervisor, Practice Assessor and Academic Assessor. It will be essential reading for all academics and clinical practitioners who support student nurses and midwives with their practice learning.

  • by Joel Paris

    Acclaimed for its wisdom and no-nonsense style, this authoritative guide has now been revised and expanded with 50% new content reflecting a decade of advances in the field. Distinguished psychiatrist Joel Paris distills current knowledge about borderline personality disorder (BPD) and reviews what works in diagnosis and treatment. Rather than advocating a particular therapy, Paris guides therapists to flexibly interweave a range of evidence-based strategies, within a stepped-care framework. The book presents "dos and don'ts" for engaging patients with BPD, building emotion regulation and impulse control skills, working with family members, and managing suicidality and other crises. It is illustrated throughout with rich clinical vignettes.

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