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What is LibKey Nomad?

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension which provides one click access to journals subscribed to by the Library, Open Access resources and other articles found when searching Google, PubMed, primary publishers and more.

How do I set up LibKey Nomad?

Using the Microsoft Edge browser on your NSFT computer, click on the LibKey Nomad icon on the top toolbar – it’s located towards the right and looks like this.

The icon is shaded in grey prior to being enabled.

You will be prompted to select your NHS organisation. Choose Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust as your organisation. Once selected the green box will appear and your organisation will show at the top.

How does LibKey Nomad work?

The browser extension does the work for you. When you are searching for research on the internet and select an article, a LibKey Nomad button will appear at the bottom of the screen giving you access to the article where available.

What will I see on the screen?

Most commonly you will see the Download PDF button. The article is available and clicking on the button will take you straight to a pdf of the full text.

Occasionally you will see this button. Click on the LibKey Nomad button and you will be taken to the publisher or journal site where you will be able to download the full text.

If the article is not available in full text click on the button Access Options and you will be able to request the article with one click. There’s no need to input anything. We will receive the request in our library inbox and will source it from another library where possible.

You can install the LibKey Nomad extension on your personal computer or electronic devices. Click here to download the extension

You will need an OpenAthens password. Click here to register or reset your password

If you have any queries regarding LibKey Nomad, please contact us at